Weightless studio
seeds imaginaries
to grow
resilient and restorative

What we propose

To be human is to make places, to use tools, and to communicate ideas. For thousands of years we have been building hearths, fashioning wares, and sharing recipes, literal and metaphorical, to nourish our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.
Today, with climate crisis and mass extinction on the horizon, we must all ask ourselves: Will the places, tools, and ideas that nourish us today also nourish future generations or deprive them?
Algorithmic tools and the ideas and places they presume and require to function (useful as they are) tend to fragment, isolate, and complicate our lives.
Given this, how might we build sociality and make sense of our world differently?

Designing from Ego to Eco

Our design and prototyping practice revolves around observing and drawing inspiration from vegetal life and metabolic systems that teach us how to work ecosystemically:
To enliven rather than deaden
To connect rather than divide
To embody and enact thought processes rather than over-rationalizing them
To make sense of our lives holistically rather than binging on fragmented bits of data.

Our partners

Rümker, Based Upon, The Ground, CCA, Enosis, Intel, Musée des arts et métiers le cnam!, UNDP, ASU, ASU Global Futures Laboratory